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Compare Backyard Ice Rinks

We carry the very best brands in backyard ice rinks and stand behind their quality for your home or business. We carry skating rinks for all ages from DIY-centric rinks to easy to assemble kits. From 5 years to 99+ these backyard ice rinks are designed with the best engineering and functionality all at the guaranteed lowest price and free US shipping. 

There are a lot of things to think about when purchasing a home ice rink so we've put together this page to help navigate you towards the perfect rink for you.

Rink Size

This is the biggest decision when deciding to purchase a rink. Do you have space for an NHL sized rink or just enough for the littles to skate outside. You should know what size you have available to place your rink when browsing the site so you know which rink to purchase. Many of the rinks come in a variety of sizes from as small as 10' wide or as large as 85' wide. If you're looking to run sanctioned hockey games you will obviously need the largest size we carry. If you just want a place for some skating and light hockey then look for the smallest options for your back or front yard. A backyard ice skating rink can be an awesome addition to your outdoor space but make sure you have the space for it and buy the rink that fits it.

How Are Your DIY Skills?

Many of the rinks we carry our super simple setups and can sit right on top of any surface with ease. However, there are some that require some DIY skills and additional pieces like wood and other tools. These DIY-centric kits are great for the home builder and those who love to work with their hands. However, if you're looking for something simple and easy that doesn't require tools or stakes we carry those as well. These should be something to look into for your backyard hockey rink. Make sure and look through the descriptions of our products so you know which ones require tools, measurements, additional wood, stakes, etc. You can find the perfect backyard ice skating rink to fit your needs, you just will want to browse our site.

Looking for Something Simple or Advanced

EZ•Ice carries ice rinks with arena height walls and even nets that surround the rink. These are simple to setup but contrast to some of the simple setups we carry as well. The Ice N' Go 2.0 Kit is a simple ice rink setup using plastic boards and clip that does not have nets or tall walls. In fact, this kit allows you to step right onto the skating rink at any place. Again it's important to know your final usage when shopping for a backyard ice rink. If you're looking for advanced practice shooting the puck, we recommend a taller height arena with nets equipped. 


Whichever backyard ice rink you choose, make sure and look through all of the great options we carry at We carry the best skating rink options and won't be beat on price. And as always, always offer free US shipping on all backyard hockey rinks.