List of Outdoor Rink Tools: ice hockey goal  


  • Lawn sprinkler for (old style rink)
  • The Ultimate Flooder (ice re-surface tool at
  • Flat backed shovel (use to fill in low areas with slush on old style rink)
  • Hose
  • Nozzle with spray adjustment
  • 20" Ice blade (for scraping edges and bumps)
  • lighting  (L.E.D. bulbs and spot lights are a must) Also see stringlites in 50' and 100' lengths at lighting "Safety" section for info on Safety and common sense for outdoor lighting
  • Warm clothing of course
  • Steel shovel or shovel with steel edge
  • Plastic shovel (often required for snow removal when a steel version may dig below a semi frozen surface) after inclimate weather experience.
  • A couple of ice hockey goal nets.
  • Extra support for deep water
  • Boundry mesh to catch high flying pucks
  • PuckGoRounds to keep the puck in play
  • Liner Protection for safe rink boards miminizing liner snags and extended liner useage







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