Back yard Ice Rink thanks you for checking out our site on how to make a back yard rink. There are two basic kinds of back yard rinks for outdoor use other than the kind that use a refrigerant. These back yard rinks are dependant on Mother Nature and unless you have an unlimited budget this is the kind for you. Following this liner and boards method is the backyard rink we call the old fashion style where you flood the snow and allow a freeze......but for now we will discuss the liner and board method we have come to love. Why you ask??

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6 Super Easy, Fast Back Yard Rink Steps for Gentle Slope

       Assembly is As Easy As 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Easy Assembly System.  6  Steps and Success with Level or Gentle Slope up to 5”

1. Build your frame/box on the flattest, least amount of slope area in your back yard rink site with  2” x 8” s  as a minimum board height.  

2. Use the amazing J-Brace to fasten your back yard rink frame all together. All seams will be fastened together with a J-Brace series 3 and with 4-6 screws.

3. Lay in your poly liner tarp leaving at least 2 feet on all sides as a flap. Don’t walk on your liner ever.

4. Use liner clips to temporarily secure and hold your poly liner tarp in place, within your back yard rink frame.

5. Fill your back yard rink frame with water.

6. If your site is level or with a gentle slope then you are ready to secure your liner and skate when frozen. If  the water is approaching the top of your back yard rink frame then turn off the water and move to the next 3 "easy fix" steps below.



 Easy Assembly System.  3  Additional Fast Steps and Success with Gentle Slope of  5”- 9" and no extra    purchases.

1. If you’re water is approaching the top of your back yard rink frame then stop the water flow.

2. Add a second tier in the end or the side where your water is highest.

This is one of the easiest solutions to handle with our back yard rink system.

3. Now take out the 4 screws in each J-Brace series 3 and pull your amazing J-Brace 3"- 4" higher out of the ground until the top screw holes on the Series 3 J-Brace face matches up to face of the new second tier of wood framing material. (do this one at a time and refasten)  Re screw your 4 screws and you have now bound the top and bottom tiers together. No extra materials needed.

Elapsed time: 5 minutes for about 10  J-Braces and no need to order any thing extra.

Now place your liner flap over your new second tier and again temporarily re secure with liner clips.

Start you water flow again. When the water is completed flowing and you have at least 2-3” of water in shallowest area, secure the liner.  





  • The easy, fast, Back Yard Rink Frame Assembly System
  • The easy, fast, Back Yard Rink Backboard System
  • The easy, fast, Back Yard Rink PuckGoRound Corner System
  • The easy, fast, Back Yard Rink Deep Water Support System
  • The easy, Back Yard Rink Liner Protection System and
  • The easy, fast, Back Yard Rink Maintenance System


                        Below are 2 fantastic rinks and can be achieved with

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Part Two building your rink on the ground with snow and water...

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